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Enterprise Culture

Since the introduction of the first WOODPECKER engraving machine in 1992, ROC has truly taken off as a leader and pioneer in the Chinese industry. As an experienced manufacturer with more than 20 years of accumulated knowledge, we are highly proficient in the development, production, and distribution of electromechanical CNC machines. Our flagship products include the engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC woodworking machine, mold engraving machine, and key cutting machine. Also available are special CNC machines such as the CNC engraving machine with polished effect. 

ROC is presently headquartered in the coastal city of Shanghai. Our modern facilities span 3,000 square meters to include dedicated sectors for sales, technical support, and R&D. We have a 20,000 square meter production base in the Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province. Our experienced technical taskforce can provide services such as mechanical design, software development, and CNC application. Over the years, we have been granted numerous invention patents, design patents, and utility model patents. WOODPECKER, our registered trademark, is a widely recognized brand both at home and abroad.

The Chinese market became much more active 20 years ago due to the emergence of new industries, which presented a challenge for traditional industries. To prosper in this competitive environment we have placed an emphasis on technology, equipment upgrade, and skill refinement. The most important factor, however, is keeping pace with global trends and breakthroughs.

By adhering to this doctrine, ROC has successfully developed the first generation WOODPECKER engraving machine--the RS-3742. This CNC machine has since proved to be invaluable in industries such as advertising.

ROC engages in continuous research to further expand the global market. We have developed different models of advanced engraving machines, some of which have evolved to become the preferred solution of industry professionals in fields such as advertising and mold making.

We invest substantially in research and development every year. Consequently, at least four new engraver models are released on an annual basis. For instance, the RS-1216S model was introduced as the first large-scale CNC engraving machine in China with an actual work area of up to 1.2 by 1.6 meters. This model is outfitted with the independently developed WOODPECKER control system and characterized by excellent precision, high speed, and outstanding power. Its launch has broadened the practical applications of engraving machines, enabling the fabrication of advertising signage, relief sculpture, industrial product, blister pack, wood work and much more.

Our hardware and software are upgraded almost every year to enhance product performance. For example, our DSP control system has been upgraded to DSP and then again to the ARM color screen system. Our processing range has expanded from 370×420mm to 1.2×1.6m and then 2×3m. This progressive process fully demonstrates our innovative spirit.

Our catalogue lists dozens of models under 7 major series. Sincere conduct and attentive service have allowed us to garner the trust and approval of customers everywhere. Through decades of innovation and continual optimization, we are able to distribute high cost-performance electromechanical machinery on a global scale.