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DiVa series Engraving Machine

Type: DP 1212

Woodpecker’s DiVa series of machines, is released by ROC-MESE, to meet the demands of the high end market with a superior performing machine.

The engraving machine has a new look, uses ball screws, linear guide, servo system, and it has an iron cast frame, making it very sturdy with high precision and high speed. It uses ROC-MESE company’s latest DSC controller and comes with a high definition, color 7 inch LCD screen. It has an elegant design with a bright and clear display. All the data is easily visualized and simple to study. This controller has built-in optimization algorithms to make the movements of the machine very smooth and fast with minimum vibrations. It improves the processing speed and the precision of the work.  The new controller comes with different professional modes, like “3D mode”, “Name tag mode”, etc. It is easy for the user to switch among the different modes. According to the user’s technical requirements, he can set up different custom modes, which can be reused later. The new controller has many kinds of high level functions, like “Duplicate Mode”, “Mirror Image Mode”, “Scanning Mode”, “Drilling Mode” *, etc…

The user can program directly on the controller. Using “Cutting at angle function”, there is no more need to stick the material to the bed.  After finishing cutting, there is no trace of the knife cut, the job edge quality is very smooth. The controller supports high speed USB 2.0, compatible with many different USB flash disks, allows the user to work offline on a PC and can read the data very quickly.  It has a large internal memory, allowing it to store many files. It also comes with Ethernet, making communications with a PC very easy and convenient. Woodpecker Diva series can be equipped with optional Multi-spindle, Multi-process and Multi-position, such as 2-spindles 2-process, or 4-spindles 4-process, to achieve automatic tool change and high efficiently processing. The controller also has an update function, which allows authorized users to download updates via ROC-MESE website. Users can now enjoy the latest ROC-MESE updates and functions via the internet.

Woodpecker’s DiVa series of machines – The sign making industry’s latest weapon.
* Note: Some of the new functions are being developed and will be available for download at a later date.

★ 7'' DSC-971 Color screen controller.
★ Linear guide, servo system.
★ Iron cast frame, good rigidity, high precision and high speed.


Technical Parameters

▲DP1212 uses an iron cast table.
Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by ROC-MESE.

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