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MINI Letter CNC Machine

Acrylic LED Luminous Characters Engraving Machine

Type: XP 1212

★ Cutting acrylic with a polished effect
★ 3D Relief engraving
★ Intelligent auto tool-changer

    Woodpecker XP-1212 is ROC-MESE’s latest machine which was introduced to the market in 2012. XP-1212 is designed to meet high-end sign fabrication.Equipped with cast iron lathe bed, linear guide and digital servo drive, XP-1212 has features of better rigidity and high precision. This machine adopts the SaiO5 control system. With years of experience in the CNC industry, ROC-MESE has developed the newest control system Sai-O5. It has double-CPU, intelligent prospective speed control, multi-spindle and process control. The standard configuration of XP-1212 is 3 spindles - 3 processes. Meanwhile, according to customer’s special requirements, we can equip this machine with functions of drilling, tapping, curve sawing, etc... According to different production processes, we can separately define each spindle to carry out its respective process in one operation. The machine can keep a fast speed with high precision to finish all the works automatically. Every machine has to pass strict testing through laser interferometer before delivery. With very high-precision coordinates, fast speed and efficiency, XP-1212 is suitable for high-end acrylic products engraving, highlight relief-sign cutting and inlaying.

    Woodpecker XP-1212 is really Man engraving expert by you side.

Technical Parameters

Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. 

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