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Flat Bed UV Printer

UV flatbed color printing machine

Type: UX 2513S

Woodpecker UV flatbed printer UX2513S is a small UV flatbed printer that has many functions.


Signs like Warning, banner and nameplate; Decorations like art glass, crystal album frame, acrylic of mobile shell and cartoon characters, ceramic decoration, and furniture plate; Kinds of advertising stands.


High efficiency with Epson printer head, high speed, high accuracy and high quality.

It has 7 colors printing available, white-color, varnish and 3D print.

UV curing ink has no VOC, environment-friendly and no smell.

Automatic cleaning function: keep the printer head in the best state by setting washing times in the software.

Stir function for white ink: smooth printing of white ink, kept stirring during working to avoid blocking.

Color-white-color, 3 tiers printing once for double sides of transparent material.

Printing head up and down automatically and matched setup in software memory for over 10 kinds of different material.

Settable output of white ink that makes sure vertical and clear printing effect.

Long lifespan and stable UV LED under thousands of hours test for wear and tear.

Body configuration: double ball screw for Y axis, servo motor, one piece casting gantry, and industrial frame.

It comes with Vacuum table.

With heating system of printing head, it can work normally under low temperature in north area.

Technical Parameters

Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by ROC-MESE.

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