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CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine

Type: LC 1325

      LANCARA cutting machine with 4 axis is a multifunctional cutting machine from ROC Company for the professional cutting market. It has a high speed vibration vector cutter and comes with optional accessories like rolling cutter, punching cutter, drawing pen, projector, CCD positioning, etc…

       It is widely used to cut leather, rubber sheet, cardboard, corrugated board, Styrofoam board, ABS sheet, PVC board, thin wood board, seal rings and more. It has a self-developed CAD/CAM software and Sai-O5 control system.

       It has a friendly interface, advanced control algorithm and rich functions. This makes it a good cutting quality, high efficiency, easy operation, practical and reliable machine.

Technical Parameters

Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by ROC-MESE.



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